FarfaAt the Benedictine monastery of Farfa, in the summer of 1350, Bridget walked in his footsteps. She probably followed the same path of the pious Thomas of Maurienne: Via Salaria and then the first step of the Four Winds. But she had no need of asking the way. The imposing tower of the abbey was visible from afar. In Rome, Bridget had heard the voice of Christ: "Go 'to Farfa, one room is ready for you! '. She arrived there with master Petrus Olai and others who used to accompany her, and had himself proclaimed. Believed to be room for himself and more extensive in the guesthouse of the monastery. But was thrown out. The abbot Arnold sent her to say: "We have the habit of women stay in the monastery. But if you want to sleep in the closet, you can sit. " A storage room located in a building outside, where the porter kept his tools here is the room that had been prepared! "Just so, Christ said while she was praying, first you have lived in luxury homes and lavish mansions, now you have to experience what my saints have endured in their caves."

FarfaBridget accepted the lesson and remained in the primitive hut (Extrav. 97). In memory of this trip unsuccessful, we have some beautiful revelations of St. Benedict and his work (III: 20-21).

FarfaAt the same time that Bridget was at Farfa, arrived in Rome as a pilgrim to the eighteen year old daughter Katarina. A few weeks later, as the daughter she wanted to return to Sweden, Bridget was warned in a vision to advise you to stay temporarily in Rome. In fact her husband was ill (he was married to Katarina van Eggard Kyren marriage with white), and Christ announced that the disease meant that she would die. The next time she lifted Katarina the question of his return home, Bridget replied with the words of Christ: "Of 'this girl, your daughter, now she is a widow. And I decided that I should stay with you, since I personally take care of her "(VI: 118).