Maria Elisabetta

Born in 1870 and died in Rome in 1957, after the conversion is called to re-establish the old bridgettine order.
It seeks to "join what is divided" and, in fact, from childhood the allusion to "one fold under one shepherd" has driven the search for truth. The ecumenical zeal has got to bring the new order in Sweden. Known are the care and zeal that she exercised during the Second World War in favor of the Roman people and especially the Jews persecuted.
The path followed by Blessed M. Elizabeth is the one of prayer and of the Cross; is well aware of the context in which to move for a good position, because religion does not allow to be accommodating.
The House of St. Bridget in Piazza Farnese became a landmark thanks to the presence of clerics like the Jesuits Brandi Hagen and Charles Boyer.
The Blessed is part of converts of high spiritual stature (Edith Stein, Paul Claudel, André Frossard to mention the best known) who left a sign of continuity with a glorious past but, for historical reasons, can be turned off or without momentum.
Mother Hesselblad was defined "pilgrim of unity" for that special gift to think of unity as the mission of the Sisters in the new times. In her spiritual and social action – we can remember the efforts of the sisters during the Second War - Blessed Elizabeth was able to leave a mark accepted and strengthened by her daughters with a faithful interpretation of her message, while in the continuous renewal of religious life, thanks to many vocations of young people who respond to Jesus'


1870 - born in Fåglavik (Sweden)
1888 - looking for work, to help her large family, she went to America.
1900 - Begins her conversion to Catholicism that leads to baptism (1902), and to the encounter with the house of St. Bridget in Rome.
1904 - She is received between the Carmelites and vows in the room where she lived and died
1906 the Swedish saint.
1911 - At home in Rome in Via Monserrato receives three aspiring British with whom begins the new foundation,
1919 - Various foundations in Sweden (1923), Switzerland (1924), England and Piazza Farnese in Rome (1931) and finally after 350 years,
1935 - Vadstena (Sweden).
1937 - Send her daughters in lndia too.
1939/1945 Missionary and zealous Spirit for unity of Christians, was distinguished for charity during the armed conflict,
1955 - received wide recognition.
1957 - She died in Rome in the house of Saint Bridget, offering her life to join Sweden in Rome.
April 9, 2000 Beatification - San Pietro Square, in Rome, by the Servant of God Pope John Paul II