1. The chanting of the Divine office

The Bridgettine Order, faithful to the charism of Saints Bridget and Elizabeth, gives preference to the Sacred Liturgy, dedicating time for community prayer with the Divine Office and daily Eucharistic Adoration. The Eucharistic Sacrifice, therefore, which is the center of the Church’s liturgy, is prolonged in the Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, thus re-proposing the devotion of Saint Bridget to the Humanity of the Word and ensuring a spiritual expression and success to the particular ecumenical commitment, strongly desired by Saint Maria Elizabeth Hesselblad.

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2. Ecumenical activity

Unity is our mission. Ecumenical commitment consists in reparation and work for the realization of Jesus’ desire: “That all may be one” (Jn 17:21-23). The understanding and dialogue on ecumenism in the Bridgettine Order are promoted between the Churches for a whole development of European unity.

The aspiration of the unity of the Church, which was of St. Bridget in her troubled time, is made right by her daughters, who under the guidance of St. Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad since 1911 continue to pray, work and give witness of unity with one’s life of self-giving to God and to brothers and sisters, in the certainty that prayer, together with dialogue, is a privileged and blessed way. Thus the sisters offer a simple and warm welcome to those who visit our houses, to all want to bear witness to the spirit of unity and peace in order to seek rather what unites and not what divides.

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Ecumenical celebration in the Church of Saint Bridget in Piazza Farnese – Rome, with Cardinal Koch and the representatives of the Orthodox and Lutheran Church of Finland. The Crypt for the services of the Lutherans in the House of Saint Bridget, on the 40th anniversary of the inauguration.

The commitment of the Sisters is to be as faithful as possible to the charism of the two Saints and to be coherent witnesses to the Word of God, offered and shared during spiritual, ecumenical and cultural meetings.

Since the ecumenical celebration in October 5, 1991, on the sixth centenary of the canonization of St. Bridget, the figure of the Swedish saint has had a further growth of admirers, thanks also to the tireless efforts of Mother M. Tekla Famiglietti, Abbess General of the Order for several years.

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Symposium "The path of beauty for a more just and dignified world", seventh centenary of the birth of the Saint Bridget of Sweden, organized by Mother M. Tekla Famiglietti. Rome – Palazzo della Cancelleria – 4-5 October 2002. Among the participants: The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

It is useful to note that since 1972 the Bridgettines, under the guidance of Mother M. Hilaria Laubenberger, then Abbess General, have offered in the house at Piazza Farnese, below the main church of Saint Bridget, a place for worship and service to the Lutherans residing in Rome, as well as for non-Catholic tourists.

3. Charitable and missionary work

The apostolate also extends to participation in the missionary activity of the Church. In fact, in several countries, such as India, Mexico, Cuba, the Philippines and Indonesia, the Bridgettine Sisters take part in the evangelization, particularly helping poverty-stricken women and young, by initiating a process of social, economic, cultural and religious development, all the while, respecting the traditions and local customs.

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With the little ones in the Philippines... ...and in India.

The Sisters prepare young people for the different sacraments. In some houses there are kindergartens or primary school, in others students are welcomed and offered spiritual and material support. According to the local needs, some Sisters teach in schools, participate in the life and activities of the parishes and provide assistance to the poor.

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Cuba - with the elderly people ... ...among the most needy in Mexico...

4. The Hospitality

From the house in Piazza Farnese, to that of Camaldoli/Napoli, Farfa, Olgiata and Lugano and in all the other houses scattered around the world, the Bridgettine Sisters provide hospitality with an ecumenical aim and host spiritual gatherings as their apostolate. The hospitality has as its primary purpose the ecumenical service and is presented as a practice of perfect charity, human and spiritual warmth for all those who, rich perhaps in material goods, live in profound spiritual poverty and are searching for a better life and new horizons.

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